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My name is Penny Maday Ciochetti. I am a Canadian artist who divides my time between Canada and Europe. I am a Mixed Media Artist who works in acrylics, glass, wood, metal, ink, photography, printmaking, charcoal, pencil, watercolour, collage and sometimes in Italian limestone fresco.
In the words of artist Ai Wei Wei: " Art is not an end but a beginning ", so I begin - again and again.
I am interested in bringing awareness around things that are lost in time or that are in a state
of Becoming. Forms in transition articulate the gap between things - like perception and reality.

My art encourages participation, where the viewer’s point of view puts the work in transition and creates a form of meditation and engagement. In my mixed media work, especially the ‘Love Letters To Leonardo‘ series - I have chosen the process of layering abandoned photographic images
of nature over drawn platonic forms as a metaphor for spiritual transformation and a nod to Leonardo da Vinci’s genius and endless curiosity. The  geometric and organic forms found in both the drawn and photographic/painted/collaged layers are acts of meditation, prayer, surrender and abandon. This body of work, (heavily influenced by my daily life in Florence) is a record of a conversation across time, between Leonardo and I  through  the use of  a visual language that draws on  sacred geometry, Islamic pattern, cubist and contemporary influences.

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